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The brainchild of local men-of-many-hats Dave Camp and John Averil, both of the eccentric multi-genre performance art collective Kaosmosis, Let it Bee Gee is one killer retro rock ‘n’ roll outfit. No ordinary cover band, Let it Bee Gee unleases the rockingest hits of the 60s, 70s and 80s, drawing from influences as diverse as The Cars, Queen, The Beatles, David Bowie and The Bee Gees. With instrumentation of drums, bass, two guitars, keyboard and two vocalists, the band cuts loose into the wild theatrics of the tunes, keeping the musical integrity intact with flawless, edgy execution. Between the skinny ties, ruffled shirts, blazing licks and deep grooves, no one will be able to resist the call of the dance floor.

Band founder Dave Camp works locally as a sound engineer and commercial music composer, and he co-founded Lift Productions, a company that writes and produces music for commercials and soundtracks. He plays every instrument known to humankind. John Averil is the man behind the Kaosmosis performance art group, and has spent the last two and a half years using his energies to produce highly eclectic, often playful events designed to inspire individuals to tap into their own creativity through participation.

Joining the crew is multi-talented vocalist Miss Sarah King, whose powerful pipes have opened the band’s repertoire up event more.

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