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For 20 years the Portland Metropolitan area has been blessed or cursed, depending on your perspective, by Karaoke From Hell. Just like with “regular” karaoke, anyone who has the desire to sing their favorite song in the spotlight can have their moment of fame. However, with Karaoke From Hell you get a live rock band to back you up, which includes expert musicianship, extreme cowbell, headstands, plastic sword guitar and general shenanigans. Their helpful and entertaining host guides you through the lyrics with panache and humor. From Abba to AC/DC, the band joyfully enters into the spirit of the song and makes it special.

With Karaoke From Hell, YOU are the star!

“Tres Shannon (owner of VooDoo Doughnuts) and I started Karaoke From Hell as a performance art project. We had 69 songs on our set list and different musicians each time we played. Sometimes the band didn’t know the songs, but it didn’t matter because Tres could play them all on kazoo. Now I’m proud to say the band knows all 500 songs. And how many people can say they’ve had the same job for 20 years and still love it? It gets better and more fun every year and next year the band will be old enough to drink…legally.”
–Dawn Panttaja, co-founder of Karaoke From Hell

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