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The Notables bring the greatest music of the 20th century to the polished jazz-quartet format of piano, drums, sax and string bass. No random group of “hired guns,” the Notables have a level of polish that can only be achieved by years of playing together nightly. As the house band for both the “Queen of the West” and “Empress of the North” sternwheeler ships, the Notables have worked consistently as a tightly-woven musical unit in a live setting for many years.

The Notables believe that they have a repertoire at least as extensive as any band in the Pacific Northwest! They rarely get requests they can’t satisfy immediately.

Their range of material includes: swing/big band; American Songbook; hits from the 1920s through the ’80s; rock & roll; bossa nova; ballroom dance styles; classic country; dixieland; songbook of Frank Sinatra; the hits of Burt Bacharach.

To paraphrase comments they have heard many times.

“Where in the world did boys so young and handsome learn these songs?”
“We haven't heard this song since our prom in 1945 (or ’55, or ’65)! Thank you!”
“Thanks for playing our song! It seems like nobody knows this material anymore!”

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