Our Mission is Simple:

We’re teaching beginners’ Texas Hold ‘Em poker courses, with dead-serious information but a decidedly un-serious approach. These group classes are for the “Poker Curious” among us: Pretty much anyone who’s ever wanted to sit down at a poker table, but got stopped cold by fear of messing up and feeling clueless. Give us a chance to bolster your confidence. We’ll learn ya good and send you out into the world of poker with the resources you need to find your own perfect game.


  • Need to get out of the house
  • Believe in miracles
  • Will not be bluffed
  • Know you need these poker classes


  • Love this game
  • Know the difference between folding and holding
  • Want you to raise with confidence
  • Can teach you how to bathe in chips

We love Portland’s not-so-underground culture of poker, percolating up from yesterday’s dens of inequity into the bright light of day. Unbeknownst to many, Portland boasts one of the country’s juiciest poker scenes, and tournament play is 100% legal here. Any day/night of the week, you can find numerous games at all levels of investment from laundry change up to rent money. There’s a game for everybody.


We’ve partnered with one of Portland’s most beloved speakeasies, The Secret Society, to offer Sunday evening courses in groups of 3, culminating in a live tournament during the third and final session.
Now enrolling Sunday evening Texas Hold ‘Em classes at the Secret Society.  Register right here!