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Sassparilla ekes foot-stomping, whiskey-swillin’ early blues from their fiddle, washboard, banjo, percussa-bass, national steel and harmonica. This lively bunch manages to defy categorization by modern standards. Their sound is so vintage, you’re surprised to realize that almost all their tunes are originals. Sassparilla evokes the blues of the 20s and 30s so well, you’d believe their compositions HAD to be period. It’s a damned neat trick. Their modern vintage sound is well-brewed and aged just enough. While the band’s dedication to recreating a period sound is more akin to Leon Redbone, their topics of whiskey, murder and spankings put them closer to Tom Waits territory.

Sassparilla has earned their chops playing on street corners and honky-tonks. Their sound is tight, but there’s still room for each musician to shine. They are so crazed, so stomping, just one hit of their home-made corn liquor sound will have people up against the wall, dancing the night away with folks whose names they can’t remember, and waking up with lovers whose names they never knew in the first place. Audience members are hard-pressed to sit still once this gang gets going.

They recently won over droves of new fans with their high-octane performances at the Pickathon Roots Music Festival, and an impromptu show with national act, Langhorne Slim.

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