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The Stolen Sweets formed in 2004 after rehearsing for a one-off tribute show to 1930s sister act, The Boswell Sisters. They loved the material so much, they decided they weren't ready to part with it just yet. Comprised of vocalists Jen Bernard, Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland, guitarists Pete Krebs and David Langenes and double bass player Keith Brush, The Sweets' repertoire has expanded to include material from the 1920s-1940s. Unlike the original Boswell arrangements that featured piano, clarinet, and horns, the Sweets incorporate gypsy jazz guitar accompaniment, reminiscent of Django Reinhardt. The Sweets have also started writing and arranging tunes, six of which are included on their latest record.

In 2007, The Sweets headlined the Boswell Sisters Centennial in New Orleans commemorating the birth of the most famous Boswell Sister, Connee, born in 1907. They fell in love with the city and have pledged to return every year. Their most recent visit to NOLA involved a performance at the historic Preservation Hall; the footage from that evening will be featured in a forthcoming documentary about the Sweets. In a career suffused with many bright lights and happy memories, that evening burns among the brightest for the band.

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